Day 7-Have-tos versus Want-tos

I want to expound a bit on my devotional from the other day.  I wrote that THIS is the day God made, and no matter our circumstances we should be glad in it.  There are a lot of songs that talk about living today as if it were your last, but I have always thought, “Well, if this really were my last day, I would do something fun with my family so I could see my children’s faces light up one more time.”  Everyday can’t be lived goofing off, though.  I have to work and so does my husband.  Someone has to wash laundry and dishes, and feed the animals, and cook dinner, and get the kids to school.  How can I live my life to the fullest and love every day when everyday seems filled with “have-tos” rather than “want-tos”?  I really have struggled with this question for a long time.  It is so easy to get bogged down by all the daily have-tos and miss out on the want-tos.  If only I had realized how simple the answer is!  Luke 17:21 “…for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  The kingdom of God is within ME!  His love (His kingdom is rule by love) is within ME!  If His love is within me, then no matter how many “have-tos” there are, I can still find joy in the midst of them because of the fullness of His love WITHIN ME.   And, when I show that love too, I am offering that fullness to those around me.  It doesn’t take a fortune of money and a carefree life to live fully.  I can take 10 minutes out of my day to play with my girls and show them my love for them is greater than my “have-tos”.  I can take time out of my morning and study God’s word and spend time praying and meditating with Him and show Him He is more important than my “have-tos”.  I can take time out of my day to stop and kiss my husband, welcome him home, and listen to how his day was and show him he is more important than my “have-tos”.  I can take time to check on a hurting friend-they are more important than my “have-tos”.  I can take time to spend 10 minutes resting in the privacy and quiet of my room-I am more important than my “have-tos”.  

My “have-tos” are important-that’s why they are “have-tos”, but they are not most important.  In order to live every single day to its fullest, I choose to enjoy the fullness of God’s love in my life and share it with those around me.  I choose to look up and thank Him for those “time out” or “want-to” moments and focus on them rather than devoting all my mental energy to worrying about the “have-tos”.  


Silver Lining–We have a week-long time out moment coming up!  yay!!


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