Enjoying Resting with God

We visited a friend’s church on Sunday and their preacher preached about rest from Hebrews chapter 4.  One thing he said particularly stood out:  Hebrews 4:11 “Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.”  His statement about this was that we don’t have to labor to get into the eternal rest-Jesus already did that work for me.  And thank goodness he did!  Thank God I am saved and going to a place of eternal rest!  

Here on earth, though, when God calls us to do a job for Him, if we run away there is no rest for us.  There is only fear, anxiety, turmoil, and guilt.  Once we step out and do the work and labor for Him, we can do the job and have peace.  God will let us rest for a time when the job is done.  And, sometimes, even during the labor He will provide rest to energize us for the next day and the next step.  Sometimes the work is hard and we beg for lots of rest in our tired bodies and minds.  But, then doesn’t the rest period seem even sweeter?  Thank God He gave me a job to do and will let me rest peacefully while here, too!

When a duck lands gently on the water, it comes to rest there.  It doesn’t crash, or struggle to stay afloat, It simply sits down easily coming to rest upon the surface of the water.  This is just like us when we get saved.  We are brought into God to rest-or safely and gently to be there with Him.  We rest upon the promise of heaven, thanks to Jesus, looking forward to the eternal physical rest.  

So, rest can mean 2 things-letting your body be idle so it can be restored and also not struggling to stay somewhere, just easily, safely there.  Once you finish your day’s work, you’re tired and need physical rest.  But, once your body is rested, if you linger there, your body isn’t resting for restoration anymore, but you are still enjoying the ease of the place you’ve come to rest.  God gives us work to do, but knows we need physical rest, so He provides that here on earth for us too, keeping us safe while we rest and restoring our physical bodies to get up and go again.

Silver lining:  I am saved!  I am called here to do a work for God!  I am so thankful I have a place of eternal rest, and that I am resting in God’s safety, and that he allows rest when I am weary here too!



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