Trusting Him with our Foster-Daughter’s Future

We have been praying for 6 months about our foster-daughter’s future.  It is getting closer to the court date that will determine if she goes to live with a family member or stays with us for a bit longer.  I, of course, worry that she will not be cared for properly if she goes to her family and when I found out about the upcoming court date, my initial reaction was to want to tell the judge all the reasons I feel she should stay with us.  But, as I prayed about what to write or say to the judge, God basically said, “You don’t need to say anything.  I’ve got this.”  He reminded me that we had been praying constantly for 6 months about her safety and future care, that He had heard our prayers, and that He was taking care of the details.  So I know that if she goes home to her family on the 26th, that is God’s plan for her.  If He works a miracle and she stays with us, that is His plan for her.  Either way, He loves her even more than we do and will not let her stay where she isn’t supposed to be. He will protect her and take care of her.  I resigned myself to “hold my tongue” and trust that whatever happens at that court date is His will and will be best for everyone involved.  While my carnal mind wants to fight, my spiritual mind reminds me that God is already fighting and He is much better at it than I could ever be.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

I don’t understand all His ways, and I am not meant to.  But, I DO trust Him completely!  I was reminded by my cousin that God’s plan may be for her to go home to a somewhat difficult family situation for a reason.  Maybe she needs to be there to help someone in the future.  Maybe there is another foster child that needs us to be her forever home.  She also reminded me that I may not ever understand God’s ways while here on earth, but that is okay because in heaven all good work for Him will be rewarded!  (Thanks!)

Silver lining:  God is fighting for our foster-daughter’s future and we don’t have to unless He tells us to!  We can trust that what happens is best for her and us, too!


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