Some people believe in destiny…the thought that people are drawn together in a certain place or to a certain thing at a certain time in their lives by an unseen force laid out from their birth.  I, too, believe in destiny, but I believe in a more certain kind…God-led destiny.  Our lives are not random or planned out by an unseen “something.”  Rather, I imagine God is shuffling us all along on this giant chess board of life, pushing our pieces to the exact right spot for the exact right moment.  He has a plan for each of us, a carefully orchestrated one with many decisions that He allows us to make leading to certain places He wants us to be.  Sometimes our choices lead us farther away or on a more wandering pathway, but eventually we get there.  If we make the right choices that line up with God’s plans, then the journey is not so wandering but more direct and quick to get to our next stop-off point.  The chess piece that I am cannot see the master plan, but the Master sees the long-term across all time and knows where each of us needs to be to intersect with the next piece in our life.  

As we prepare to say goodbye to our Destiny, I am comforted in the fact that God brought us this destiny and He, too, is leading this Destiny away from us.  And, though, it doesn’t make the saying goodbye any less painful, it makes the long-term hope more reassuring.  I believe in Destiny and I believe in God’s destiny for Destiny.  There is a reason why Destiny was a part of our life and there is also a destiny in her leaving.  I do not understand all the details, but I have enough faith to believe that my chess piece is not finished with this Destiny just yet, even if my part in the future destiny of Destiny is simply to pray for her and believe in her for the rest of her life (whether I am a part of it physically or not).  

Sometimes the goodbyes are part of the greater destiny He has planned for the good of that chess piece that we haven’t met yet.  Sometimes our pain is necessary to facilitate the next move for someone else.  I am reminded of the Disney movie Pocahontas when Grandmother Willow reminds Pocahontas that a ripple starts off very small but as it grows and spreads it touches the entire body of water, big or small, and inevitably orchestrates a change.  We have started a ripple in our Destiny that will carry her through the rest of her destiny, a ripple of hope and safety and love, and most importantly, a ripple of God’s comfort and love.  We have started a change gravitating towards the positives and I know that God will carry her through the rest of her destiny and protect her and love her even more than we do.  


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