Praying through!

I had bad dreams all night last night.  One ended and the next began.  This usually happens when I am overly stressed, and I guess I probably am.  There are a lot of new changes around here, and there are a lot of prayer requests on my heart.  Most of the time my dreams feel so real while I am in them, good or bad, that they stick with me even after I am awake.  The negative feeling of a bad dream or a nightmare hangs on, sometimes for hours, sometimes all day.  The subconscious dream somehow affects my conscious thoughts, moods, reactions, and emotions.  I’ve had to pray my way through many a lingering nightmare.  Today is no exception.  I feel worn out, “down in the dumps,” and unable to focus.  I need to remember that God is here, as always, to help me power through and get to the silver lining side of today.  It is, after all, a beautiful day, my girls are smiling and happy, and my hubby is home today.  I have so many reasons to celebrate today!  I will continue to meditate and pray all day today, and I KNOW that God’s positivity will overpower the bad dreams of last night!
Colossians 4:2 – Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;


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