Lord, Strengthen My Hands!

I am still studying in Nehemiah.  This morning I read a verse that really struck me.  Nehemiah 6:9:  “For they all made us afraid, saying, Their hands shall be weakened from the work, that it be not done.  Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands.”

There are many times that, while working for Him, I feel weak.  Being a foster mom is NOT easy.  Being a mom is not easy.  Being a wife is not easy.  Finishing the novel God gave me to write is not easy.  None of the things God has asked me to do are always easy.  Sometimes my hands grow tired from building (from building up little one’s minds, from building up my husband’s self-worth to my best ability, from building up my love, from building up my patience, from building up my prayer life).  Once I begin to feel weak and tired and worn out, that is when the devil creeps in and I begin to feel scared.  I start to believe the lies he tells me.  The ones that say I am not strong enough for this, I have misinterpreted God’s will for my life’s plan, I could never write anything someone else would find valuable, I don’t love my husband enough, I am a terrible mother.  All of these are just that:  Lies!  And vile, vicious ones at that.  The devil knows exactly where and when to attack us.  He wants nothing more than to cause us to stop working for God.  For me his best plan is to get me when I am tired because it is then that I am at my weakest.

But, the second part of the above verse is wonderful!  God strengthen my hands!  Lord, help me be strong enough to work for you, to resist the devil (and he will flee from you), to recognize when I need rest (and to get the opportunity to rest).  Lord, most of all, help me to discern when the devil is attacking me versus when you are truly telling me something.  Strengthen my resolve, my character, my patience, my love.  Strengthen my self-confidence, my abilities, my inner strength, my mind.  Lord, give me the wisdom I need to get through today still going strong for YOU!  I want to continue to build for you, to continue to help others, to continue to do good works in your name.

God is SO good to me every single day, even through the trials and the disappointments.  I am going to remember the prayer that Nehemiah prayed and use it myself.  Lord, strengthen my hands!


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