He made YOU for a reason!

Esther 4:14–For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed:  and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

None of us can know what God holds for our future selves, but we can be sure that it is not to sit and waste the potential He has given us.  His will will be done one way or another, with or without us.  If He asks us to do something, scary as the task may seem, He has a plan that needs to be executed.  If we refuse to help, then He will ask someone else and we will miss out on the blessing of being able to work for Him.

How do you know that God didn’t specifically make you and get you to the point you are at just so you can do exactly what you are facing now?  How do you know that the mountain in front of you isn’t what you have been trying to get to your whole life?  How do you know that living your life in a selfish way isn’t keeping you from doing what God needs you to do?  Are you missing out on God’s plan for your life by sitting and doing nothing?

I can assure myself that God does not intend a life to be wasted lost in drugs, alcohol, excuses, laziness, and many other things that would keep me from being a useful servant to Him.  Each of us has the potential to be a help to someone else, to be useful in spreading good.  Each of us has the ability to rise above the challenges, the demons we all face and make good out of ourselves.  It takes perseverance and sometimes stubbornness to rise above, but it can be done, especially since God is helping us.  Need a change in your life?  God can help.  Need someone to fight for you?  God will.  Need someone to support you?  God is.  Need someone to love you?  God does (more than you can ever fathom).  Need someone to talk to?  God listens.  Need some good advice?  God gives it.  Need help overcoming a demon?  God exorcises and heals.  Need someone to save you?  Jesus can and will, if you but ask.  Whatever it is that is holding you back, God has the answer.  Cry out to Him, lean on Him, listen to Him, work for Him, and with Him rise above what holds you down.  Because you have no idea what good works you are missing out on being a part of by not following what God’s plan is for you!  He made YOU for a reason!


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