Matthew 11:28- Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

I am exhausted!  I am physically, mentally, and emotionally completely and totally worn out.  It has been a CRAZY hectic few months here, with many downswings but also with many, many blessings.  Everywhere I go with our children, at least one person will tell me, “You’ve got your hands full.”  I think most people look at a family with five children and wonder how on earth we do it, and a lot of times why.  Here lately, through the fatigue-swollen eyes and fuzzy brain, I have been tempted to ask myself that question also.  Why do we do what we do?  Why do we homeschool?  Because I want my children to be free to say God’s name out loud when they want, to pray whenever they need it.  Because I want them to learn about the world around them knowing that God’s hand is in all of it, from the creation of the world, to the growing of the plants and changing of seasons, to the rain and snow fall;to know that God is the one who gives us knowledge to help others, to create vaccines, to be brain surgeons; to know that God is who makes everything turn and keeps everything in order-not coincidence, chance, or evolution.  Why do we foster?  Because there are too many children without loving homes, without food and safe shelter.  Because there are too many babies born already dependent on drugs and alcohol that have absolutely no say in it whatsoever but face the consequences for the rest of their lives.  Because we have been blessed with a safe home and bountiful love that we can share with some of those children.  Why do we go to church?  Because we want to learn about God, worship Him with our beloved church family, and teach our children about Him.  Because we need to refuel and refresh in His presence by listening to good, truthful preaching and warm, sweet singing.  Why do we fight to keep our marriage healthy and intact, even though in today’s times it is considered acceptable to divorce and walk away?  Because I love my husband and I am thankful that God sent him to me, and walking away from our marriage would be a slap in God’s face since He is the one who blessed it and put it into existence.  Because I want our children to have a mother and father that show them how to love and work through problems.   Why do I pray?  Because prayer works, prayers change things.  Because God wants to hear from me, and I need to hear from Him.  Because I want my children to see me praying and know that on my humble knees is where I get my best answers.

Things here may never seem quiet or easy, and rest is hard to come by with the busy schedule, but I know that no matter how exhausted I feel, at the end of the day I can lay my head on my pillow and breathe.  I can sleep soundly knowing that I am doing good in this world, listening to God, and fighting the good fight.  I can handle whatever tomorrow brings, because no matter the stress level, I am working towards positivity, towards change, towards spreading His love by loving others.  God will give me rest when I need it.  He will refresh my mind, body, and soul when necessary.  I must just keep sight of the bigger picture and cling to the joy, and keep going, keep listening, keep working, keep being open to embrace what work He gives, keep being willing to move for Him.


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