Word Prayer

Psalm 12:6–The words of the Lord are pure words:  as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

God’s word is pure.  It is true.  It is everlasting and strong.

In the middle of a frustrating moment today I felt led to open my Bible.   I needed some time spent in meditation to calm down.  Psalm 12 is where my eyes fell and I read the verse above, and then I began praying:

“Lord, please let the words from my mouth be pure.  Let them be free from yelling, free from cursing, free from anger.  Let them always be free from judgment of others, from gossip, and from meanness.

Lord, please let the words in my mind that don’t ever come out be pure.  Let them be free from sin, free from hate, free from wrath.

Lord, please let the words I write be pure.  Let them be encouraging and full of your promise of love for all mankind.  Let them be words that help lead someone to you, that help someone believe in your goodness.

Lord, please help the words of my body-my actions-be pure.  Let them be with purpose and with effectiveness.  Let my actions be an example to those around me so they can better see You.

Lord, let the words of my heart-my love-be pure.  Let them explode onto fellow man in a way that leaves them knowing beyond a doubt I care for their future, that You care for their wellbeing.

Lord, please let the words I read be pure.  Let them add to my knowledge in a way that is pleasing to you, in a way that will help me grow and help others.

Lord, please let the words I hear be pure.  Let them uplift me in times of distress and remind me of the beauty all around me.  Let them be free from evil and despair, full of only positivity.

Lord, most of all, let the words I receive from You be purely received. Let me hear you clearly when you speak to my heart and soak up every word so that I may accept them and understand them.  Amen”

I pray that all the many words around you are pure too.  The best place to find the purest of pure is in His Bible and in prayer, talking with Him.  I love you!

(Above picture was taken by me at the creek in front of our church)


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