Matthew 12:25–And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.

Water molecules like to stay together. God designed them that way. If many drops or little puddles of water are near enough to each other, they gravitate together and form a large puddle–usually in the middle of my table from someone’s spilled cup. Alone, one little raindrop can’t do much, but put a whole ocean together and you get something entirely different.

Our physical bodies cannot stand divided. If your legs spread out away from each other, you’re doing the splits and you can’t stand. Something that is meant to be together simply cannot function in the way it was designed to function if it is divided. Four wheels on a car. Two halves of the letter A. A chainsaw without a chain. Pointless things without all the pieces.

When husband and wife fight and form a division neither is willing to cross, it equals divorce-desolation for the marriage. When church members argue and disagree, it equals a split-desolation for the church. When friends don’t see eye-to-eye and decide to stop talking to each other, it equals a break-up-desolation for the friendship. When a home is burned by fire or shaken by earthquake, it equals part of the structure falling-desolation for the building. When a country lets hatred take over, it equals war-desolation for the entire land. Nothing divided against itself can stand.

This includes our faith. Each of us is programmed to have a carnal self and a spiritual self. If the two sides are constantly at war, we can’t make decisions easily, follow a direct path to anywhere easily, or live fully and wholly easily. If we let the carnal side win, we may settle a dilemma, but for how long? Our spiritual side will point out right from wrong and let us know that it is longing to be heard. I claim that our spiritual side is much, much stronger than our carnal side. If we let our spiritual side win, it can keep the carnal side quieter and under submission better than the carnal can keep the spiritual side.

So, how do we mend the rifts? Let the spiritual side–God–guide. Arguments? God. Fear? God. Hurt feelings? God. Natural disasters? God. Facing a crossroads? God. God is the answer to every division-of mind, of heart, of physical being, of desire, of everything.


(Above picture taken by us at Norris Dam State Park Songbird Trail, 8-25-16)


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