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Romance in Life

Ephesians 3:19–And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.

It’s hard to find romance in life sometimes. Especially when you’ve been married for twelve years and have five children. My husband and I both get caught up in living and daily the tasks that we often forget to appreciate each other. Television and movies portray love as something that requires a great deal of romance, and leave me feeling like my life lacks something when I am finished. There are times when I feel sad that I don’t have that mushy-gushy love in my life right now, but then I look around me and realize the type of love I do have is much longer lasting. Five children look to me and call me, “Mommy.” A husband needs my support. I have friends and family and a church family that I would be lost without. I have so many different types of love in my life, how could I ever feel sad to lack that “movie-type romance?”

The most important love that I have is God’s love. And, in that type of love, it is the definition of movie ‘romance’–bear with me a moment. What it is about movie or TV love that we find so appealing? For me, it’s that sense that these people must have each other in order for life to be right. They would die or fight monsters or go on some crazy, harrowing journey just to attain togetherness. Our Savior did exactly that for us. He went on a journey and suffered and died because of His great love for us. Just so He could be with us for eternity.¬†Thefreedictionary.com defines romance in many ways. In this instance, I prefer this definition:¬†2. love, esp romantic love idealized for its purity or beauty.¬†Jesus’ love for us can find no purer match here on earth. No more beautiful love ever held form anywhere. So, I can rest assured that no matter where I go, no matter how I feel the loves in my life are going, no matter how un-romantic my days seem, that I have a God who went the distance for me to attain my presence forever. And, that sounds pretty romantic to me.¬†


(Note about today’s devotional: Please do not think for a moment I associate romance in this form with sexuality. Two TOTALLY different things!)

Picture taken by me at Museum of Appalachia, Norris, TN