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Fruits of Our Mouth

Proverbs 12:14–A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth: and the recompence of a man’s hands shall be rendered unto him.

This verse makes me think of two things. One is the literal fruit (food) that we put into our mouths to sustain our physical bodies. We all must have an income of some sort in order to support ourselves financially. And that physical labor produces the money that equals food. The harder we work, the more hours we put in, the more we labor, the more reward there is in the form of a better paycheck. So the work of our hands is satisfying in providing food to eat.

The second is the words we say, i.e. the fruit we put out into the world with our spoken language. It is very easy to lose track of our tongues when we are angry, disappointed, and hurt. However, we must remember that every word we speak falls on someone’s ears and makes an impact. We all know the old saying that once it’s out there we can’t take it back. Once our hurtful words are heard, they can only be forgiven not forgotten. So, we must labor diligently to produce good fruit with our words. To speak kindnesses in the face of our own frustration. To lift others up, to help them, to praise them. We must remember to put love out into this world. To tell our children and spouses and parents we love them. To remind our friends that we are here for them. To let perfect strangers know we are willing to help. When we lift another up, they are able to take that good fruit and pass it along by helping another. The good fruits we put out into the world with our words continue, just as the bad do. When we work hard to send those good fruits out into the world each and every day, our reward is the satisfaction of knowing we have made a positive difference.

How can you make a positive difference today with the fruits of your mouth?


Photo taken by me at Norris Dam State Park. I am not exactly sure what kind of wild plant this is. Anyone want to clue me in?