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Ezra 6:9–And that which they have need of, both young bullocks, and rams, and lambs, for the burnt offerings of the God of heaven, wheat, salt, wine, and oil, according to the appointment of the priests which are at Jerusalem, let it be given them day by day without fail:

The people of Jerusalem were trying to rebuild God’s temple but running into some roadblocks. Lack of resources and funding was a biggie. Governor Tatnai wrote a letter to King Darius to find out if the people of Jerusalem even had permission to rebuild. King Darius’ reply was firm: give them what they need! God provided them with the necessary permission to build and resources in the form of support from the earthly king himself. Darius instructed the king’s treasury to be used to purchase basically whatever the people needed.

Isn’t that like our Heavenly King? I pray, He provides. He has never failed me, and I don’t believe He will. I have never been hungry or without a place to lay my head. We’ve never failed to pay a bill. He gives me resources to raise my children, love my husband, write my books, and get through my day. I am so thankful that He never fails to provide day by day without fail for us!


(Photo taken by me at Cades Cove, TN)