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Monument to God

Joshua 4:9–And Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of Jordan, in the place where the feet of the priests which bare the ark of the covenant stood: and they are there unto this day.

At this point in the journey, Moses had died and Joshua was now leading the people of Israel into the promised land. The men bearing the ark of the covenant stood in the middle of the Jordan river so that all the people could pass through on dry land. God instructed Joshua to build a monument in the middle of the Jordan as a testimony to what God did for them.

How often have I forgotten once I’ve come through a trial with God at my side to give Him praise and thanks? In the midst of a crisis or a worry or a strain, I pray often. Once God sends the answer I mentally thank Him, but I am terrible about making it known outside my close circle of friends, family, and church that God answered my prayer. I should be setting up a monument to Him. Not a literal stack of stones, but spreading the word as far and wide as I can that God still answers prayers. He is such a gracious and loving Father, and I haven’t been the best shouter to the world of His goodness. The stones that Joshua set up are “there unto this day.” I want the world to know God has guided me through every trial in my adult life. He has blessed me beyond measure. (Click to Tweet) He’s given me answers to so many prayers. My marriage, my children, my writing, and my home are all given to me from God. So when you look at them, remember that I am giving Him praise for those things. They are a part of the monument of stones from my life honoring Him.

What have you praised God for today? Are there blessings you would like to share with us? I’d love to hear your stories!


(Photo above is of my ‘Answered Prayers’ jar. We made this in Sunday school a while back. I’ve tried to keep filling it up with post-its that have the answered prayers written on them)