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Trials are Lessons

Luke 22:31–And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat.

You can’t make a loaf of bread with a stalk of wheat until it is ground up and made into flour. Sometimes, I believe, God must first grind us up with our trials so that He can make something out of us. He needs me for a specific job, and as a stalk of wheat I don’t fit the bill. So, He works me, lets me get a little beat up so that I can learn and become the person I need to be in order to do the necessary work. My trials are lessons. Each one I go through teaches me something brand-new, and each one can be used to make me into the exact ingredient God desires. Once I am ground into flour, I can be used for a greater purpose. I can be more useful in my new form. The trials aren’t always easy, and they aren’t what I would necessarily choose for myself, but God knows who I need to be. He puts the exact mountain in front of me that will teach me the lesson I need to learn. Patience. Love. Gratitude. Humility. Thankfulness. Understanding. Sympathy. Empathy. All these are products of trials that can be expanded and molded to suit the next work God has for me. If I am willing to look at my trials as lessons, as growing experiences, then I can become what God needs me to be.