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Embracing His Commandments

Psalm 119:47–And I will delight myself in thy commandments, which I have loved.

Sometimes it’s hard to love the rules that feel like they are fencing us in, especially as we are growing up. It gets easier over time for most of us. We begin to see the validity of those rules. We begin to acknowledge the fact that they are keeping us and others safe. And, we see the morality of them as we grow and learn right from wrong.

God’s commandments and rules are for our own good. They keep us on the “straight and narrow” and we should be thankful for them. The above verse says we should even delight in and love them. God was kind enough to give us a road map of written rules, and we need to delight in that love He has for us.

It’s pretty easy to follow the ‘big’ commandments. Don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t commit adultery. But how about the ‘smaller’ ones? Sometimes it seems they aren’t so important. We don’t get a physical law punishment for not observing the Sabbath day, or for coveting what someone else has, or for swearing. But, God wants us to observe all the commandments (not just the ten, either) that He laid out for us in the Bible. Above all else, we are to love. If we can find it in ourselves to love God’s rules, then loving others will come easier. Following all the commandments, which is a tall order for anyone, will become easier. Finding delight in walking within the boundaries of what God desires, too, will become easier. Once we embrace the virtues He prescribed for us.

I’m so glad God is patient with me. I am a work in progress. Every. Day. And every day He teaches me something new and reprimands me gently for the things I am falling short in. I want to delight in his laws and commandments and love them each so that I can become the person I am meant to be!


Above picture, moss on a log, taken by me at … yep, you guessed it, Cades Cove!