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Measuring Up

Zechariah 2:1–I lifted up mine eyes again, and looked, and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand.

I suppose this week’s devotional is a bit of a follow-up to last week’s devotional, but that’s okay. I truly desire for God to find me measuring up to His standards. It’s awfully hard some days, and I am better at certain times than others. But, God knows the desires of my heart, too. And He knows how hard I try every single day.

So, how can I measure up and not be found wanting? For my life, and it varies for each person, my work each day includes: Get up, get kids fed, STUDY my Bible and pray (this one is key), stay patient with kids and husband and piling-up chores, teach kiddos, write, blog, fix dinner, get kids ready for bed, hope everyone actually goes to sleep, me get in bed. Busy day. Let’s pick out the parts that are elements of my faith and spiritual walk each day.







Writing the words God gives me

These are my daily jobs. The ones that I try to do well enough that God will be proud of me. The study my Bible and pray part is essential to my success. If I don’t take the time to study each morning and meditate in prayer with Him, it seems my days are even more hectic and hard to handle than usual. And, I pray all throughout the day too. When I feel my temper slipping or my energy fading, I pray.

Have you given thought to your daily works for God? The ones that are part of living right for Him? We don’t all have the opportunity to preach or fly to a foreign country for a mission trip each day. But, we can all find the faith and spiritual parts of our days and strive to do our best in them. I desire to measure up as closely as I can to God’s standards each moment of my life. I may not always do a great job of it, but I am praying and studying and trying to improve!


(Picture taken by me at Cades Cove)