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Trust in the Lord

Psalm 84:12–O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

Trust is a fragile thing. I have a trusting nature. I tend to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt. I pretty much start out trusting someone and it depends on their actions if that trust remains or gets yanked away. I like living this way. Some may call it naive, but I find putting my faith in people usually is a good thing.

There have been times, though, when the trust dynamic has changed between myself and someone in my life. I still pray for those few people, but I don’t subject myself to their less-than-forthcoming ways.

Isn’t it wonderful that we never have to worry about that with God? This verse reminds us that trusting in Him brings blessings to our lives. No matter what the issue is, we can trust God with it. We can trust His answers and direction in our lives, even if we don’t yet understand the outcomes. God will never steer us wrong. He will never abuse our trust. Man will sometimes fail us, but God never will. I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to trust Him in my life. Aren’t you?